Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stress analysis and cytotoxicity in response to the biotic elicitor, Piriformospora indica and its’ cell wall extract in Centella asiatica L. Urban.

Stress analysis and cytotoxicity in response to the biotic elicitor, Piriformospora indica and its' cell wall extract in Centella asiatica L. Urban


Oxidative stress analysis in Centella asiatica(L.) Urban on co-cultivation with Piriformospora indica and its extract is proposed.
The presence of Piriformospora indica had protective role in alleviating stress.
No variation in the cytotoxicity levels in control and treated groups, as evidenced by MTT assay.
The cell integrity appeared intact in P. indicacolonized C. asiatica.


Study reports prominent findings on the analysis of oxidative stress generated in Centella asiatica, a multifunctional medicinal plant on co-cultivation with P. indica and its extract, P. indica Cell Wall Extract. The presence of P. indica had protective role in alleviating stress, evidenced by lack of significant change in H2O2, increased total antioxidant capacity and phenolics in P. indica colonized and PiCWE treated plants. No variation was observed between IC50 values and the cell integrity in P. indica colonized C. asiaticaappeared intact by TEM analysis. The study preludes the possible role of P. indica in conferring drought tolerance to C. asiatica.


Centella asiatica, 
Oxidative stress, 
Piriformospora indica, 
Total antioxidant capacity

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